Gluten Free Food Faire in Tucson, AZ

To watch Bee Green’s YouTube video of our day at The Gluten Free Food Faire in Tucson, AZ last weekend:


My son and I have been Gluten Free for over eight years now. We enjoyed having our old favorites that we’ve been hooked on … it was also nice to sample new brands. Some got our thumbs up approval and some did not. It’s tricky, especially when it comes to baked goods, to get the right texture and taste. Fortunately for those of us with a sweet tooth, many companies today have it figured out to purr-fection.

We’ve had a lot of fun taste testing these products and will have our favorites listed on next week’s blog. (Many of you have already asked) I’ll also discuss some “pitfalls” of this diet and how to shop and eat smart.

As you’ll see in today’s video, just because a product is Gluten-Free (GF) does NOT mean it is a health food product… even if it is sold in health food stores. They are in health food stores because of special dietary needs. There are various ailments, allergies, intolerance and diseases that suggest/require people to switch to a GF diet. When they do, often life changing relief is experienced. I am walking/breathing proof of this statement.

The most popular GF items sold today are the comfort foods people deeply miss and crave right after diagnosis, or switching diets. Baked items such as breads, muffins, pastries, pastas, pretzels and so on. Clearly, you can see why these items must be used sparingly – even when made with organic, high quality ingredients.

It was actually our need for GF foods that led me to the raw food diet. You’ll find that FRESH IS ALWAYS BEST and making recipes without fillers is not only cheaper but a healthier route as well.

However, with that being said, when the cravings hit or the kids are needing quick substitutions for a birthday party, go for what works! I’ve got TONS of tips to share that will help you add some life force to boxed mixes or pre-packaged foods.

I hope you enjoy our little homemade video — including a sneak peek at my growing belly. I was a whopping 26 weeks pregnant when it was filmed (so I can *really* talk about cravings). Stay tuned for next week’s follow up blog giving our reviews for kid-tested taste testing and tips FROM EXPERIENCE for a successful GF lifestyle.


My chef son makes ROADKILL

We have a raw food diva, Stacy Stowers, coming to stay with us soon and my son can hardly wait. One of the dishes she is famous for is her dessert STACY’S ROADKILL. Well… all it took was the name and my son JUST HAD TO get in the kitchen and make it. Here are his step by step photos. A super easy and fast recipe. THe hardest part is waiting for the bananas to freeze.

Spread plastic wrap out on a flat surface. Peel 2 very ripe bananas and put them on the plastic wrap. Fold the wrap over and smash away. (This was his favorite part)
Stacy says to smash it good so it looks like it got ran over by a big truck. She also remind the kiddos to look both ways before crossing the street.
Then, shape it into a big flat cookie.

Open the plastic wrap and sprinkle on cinnamon.

Throw on your walnuts and pretend like it is gravel. You’ll want this gravel in every bite. Smash it into the bananas just like a big truck would have pounded it in.

My son added blood to the recipe. He used freshly pureed strawberries but goji berries would also work great!
The original recipe calls for cocao nibs and honey but we used what we had and made a syrup using cacao powder and raw honey.

Next, he transferred it to parchment paper and flattened it all out. Then we put it in the freezer for what seemed like an eternity – maybe an hour.

FINALLY, fresh out of the freezer. I think he checked on it 5,000 times.

Break it apart on the plate, serve immediately and enjoy.
This dish is very hard to share so I’d recommend making your
own portion to eat with your kids.
It has a fabulous banana spilt taste when you use strawberries.

As you can see in these photos – clothing is optional for making it =)


They just couldn’t help themselves!
Caught on film…

Waiting 30 minutes for chocolate to set can be very hard for little hands. Heck, it’s hard for me also!
Yesterday, I added a few new items to my chocolate maca recipe that I so dearly love. I had a chef friend in town that minced figs smaller than I’d ever seen. It was the perfect addition. Their seeds gave it a nice crunch and sweetness.
I also switched out my agave for local honey. The combination of honey and figs gave this particular batch a nice chewy texture. The kids gave it a thumbs up… and so did we adults!
I’m looking forward to sharing these and much more tips about working with raw chocolate at my upcoming class here in Albany, GA May 2nd. Spots are filling fast — reserve your seat today! Call 229-854-3863 or visit

A Little Boy’s Wish

A Special Wish

The American Cancer Society has announced that a little boy, age 6, in Warner Robins has a rare form of cancer. He is not expected to make it through the end of the year. The family has been trying to coordinate with The Make a Wish Foundation and other agencies but this sweet child’s one wish is to get as many Christmas cards as he possibly can. His family has already begun decorating for an early Christmas since this is his wish.

The staff at The American Cancer Society is trying to get as many Christmas cards together as possible by Dec. 10th. We are then going to fill up a big truck with cards and help Santa deliver the cards to this little boy in Warner Robbins. We invite all to join us. This is your opportunity to experience the true meaning of Christmas. If you are a school teacher please ask kids to take a sheet of paper and make a Christmas card — it doesn’t have to be purchased in a store — just sent from the heart.

Before you send your card off, please email photographs of your handmade cards to me. We have a special plan for them also.

Please call Zee at 229-446-1073 to let The American Cancer Society know if you are getting cards together.