Seaweed Veggie Salad by Chef Franky G

Chef Franky G kicked off our Vitality Masters Series at the one year anniversary potluck of my Raw Food Meetup Group here in Tucson, Succulent Raw Tucson. The abundance of top notch raw food brought by this juicy tribe is ALL*ways sure to please.

Pictured to the right, Dan Desmond, Succulent Co-organizer, shows off his colorful plate with pregnant me staring over his shoulder — I was eying a certain treat 😉

We had all kinds of yummy entrees: Lori’s Onion Bread topped  Bruchetta style with diced tomatoes and basil, Tiffany’s No-Fish Sushi Rolls, and Kathy’s Fresh lettuce wraps stuffed with yummy goodness. Our desserts left us salivating… Retta made Ice Cream, Benedict brought chocolate/coconut silver dollars … ah, and so much more. Stay tuned as Succulent members continue to post their recipes. *We’ll also have more photos up soon from our event photographer, Jim Palka with Digital Visions.

In lieu of the Radiation exposure from the Fukushima Meltdown, Frank Giglio gave us an in depth discussion on sea veggies: which ones are best, where to get them and how to use them. We sampled the demo recipe, Seaweed Veggie Salad, and it is one that works for everyone… even if not a fan of sea vegetables. The bulk is veggies in a creamy dressing with seaweed mixed in. It is simple, as you acquire a taste for kelp and dulse, increase the amount you add.

The salad is so simple that my eight year old son got in on the action. He sliced all the cucumbers on the madolin, shredded all the carrots by hand and had a blast soaking the seaweed and watching it E-X-P-A-N-D. His favorite part was picking out the tiny shells that were still on the dried seaweed – we’re talking sealed freshness from sea to YOU!

*Why do we LOVE cucumbers soooo much???

They are super hydrating and one of the most alkalizing foods on the planet. This mandolin makes slicing fun, quick and easy — just watch those fingers!

Seaweed Veggie Salad

1/2 pound shredded carrots

1/2 pound thinly sliced cucumbers

about 3 -4 pieces of kelp, reconstituted and chopped thin

handful of dulse, torn into small pieces

handful of raisins

handful of chopped scallions

tablespoon chopped parsley

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

Toss all ingredients in a medium sized salad bowl.

Creamy Raw Vegan Dressing

1/2 cup Brazil nuts, soaked

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tablespooons miso

1/4 teaspoon turmeric


dash of black pepper

2 tablespoons brown sesame seeds

2 tablespoons lemon juice

handful parsley

spring water, as need to blend, start with 2 tablespoons

Blend all ingredients in a HIGH SPEED BLENDER until a mayonnaise-like consistency.

Then stir into salad until it is all evenly coated. In*joy!

Frank Giglio


During the demo, Franky shared with us a few tips and tricks of the trade — as well as some of his favorite products.

Everyone has been asking for that product list, so here it is:

His favorite miso: South River Miso – he recommends chick pea or adzuki

Rallis (truly raw) Olive Oil and Mushroom Powder are both from Longevity Warehouse.

Grater: That stainless steel/titanium high tech grater he impressed us all with was THE SALAD MASTER.

Spread the love and tell them FRANK SENT YA 🙂

And… of course his amazing spices that we sampled are found on his own website.

He offers TONS of  FREE RECIPES and YouTube VIDEOS.











We have been busy little bees traveling all over Georgia and Florida visiting organic farms with our eyes wide open! Taking notes, picking brains and bringing home all the green leafy goodness that will fit in our car!
We start breaking ground tomorrow and over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing what we have learned about bat houses, worm castings, composting and all those crucial little lovlies that will make our garden grow so sweet and luscious!
We have three families involved in this local community garden. That means six kids between all of us. We are expecting LOADS of fun and hands on education not only for these youngsters but for us as well.
The best part about it is that my new partner for Bee Green’s BRAND NEW sister company and I have decided to use this food we are growing for the food prepared in our business. How’s that for love, love, love from start to finish! We’ll have this town buzzing with good energy!
Oh and for those of you not within driving distance, shipping will soon be available!!

Lemon Cleanse – FollowUp – FOOD MATTERS

You are what you eat so eat well!!!
Please take a minute to click the link & watch FOOD MATTERS video below.
Just a quickie today to let you know that after 13 days on The Master Cleanse I am now back regularly eating solid foods and none of the weight has come back. I am still doing the Lemonade drink every morning and sometimes even mid-afternoon. I am enjoying fresh salads (I mean really fresh, like just picked after morning’s dew fresh) and other raw food snacks that I so cleverly whipped up in my dehydrator. That is mainly what my body has been craving.
BTW: For those of you asking about classes. I just got my schedule down for the next two at Gourmet Gadgets and I’ll be posting the details to the class schedule tomorrow. They will both be Tuesday mornings, November 11th and 18th. One will be Beginners Juicing and one will be Raw Foods for Fall. Cost for 1 hour class is $20 and 2 hour classes are $30. This includes a tasting, (so come hungry, we feed you well) take home recipes, hands-on instructions and a wealth of information guaranteed to spice up your kitchen life a notch!
I have a video that I want everyone to watch but am having trouble posting it here. So please excuse my technical problems and simply click this link and watch it! YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU!!! Very powerful and right on…

Lots of people are still starting The Master Cleanse so if you are one of those, feel free to scroll back through my postings during my cleanse. It’s a nice reference and helps keep your eye on the prize! You will love your results!

DAY 13 Lemon Aid Cleanse

Happy tummy…
This is my day to break my fast. I really don’t want to but I am curious to see what the other side is like. So many people are worried about gaining weight when they end their cleanse. Well, I am here to put it to the test.
I am still starting my day with my laxative tea and I have already taken my e3Live & Brain-on Drops. Here’s what is going in my dehydrator. (I started it early because it takes things a while in there, ya know?)
First: Dhrumil’s Kale Crisps. Check him out at site is packed full of raw goodness.
Second: I have my Pumpkin Seed Brittle inspired by Sarma’s Candied Ginger Pumpkin Seeds (she shares this site with Dhrumil. Her original recipe can be found in her sexy book Raw Food Real World, featured to the right on my Amazon Widget.
Third: Raw Falafels inspired by Matt Amsden featured on the the right.
Yes, I Know I will have to work up to this but they are at least in the works and will be ready when I am. My body is craving the best of the best. My sense of smell has been heightened through this cleanse which is good because I believe our nose knows best!
I will keep you posted on my journey back to solid foods. Today we are driving to Tallahassee to check out the progress of their local co-op, New Leaf Market. I am going to talk with some of the volunteers there to find out about the most effective cleanses that do allow some food. I know there are a few of you that are hesitant to give up food but I will say, a lot of awareness comes from it. Otherwise, you may never get some of the food awareness you need to make those life saving changes in your meal planning.
I will be unplugged today for Columbus Day and traveling on the road but will be back for phone consults tomorrow starting at 8:30am. ~PEACE~