Lemon Cleanse – FollowUp – FOOD MATTERS

You are what you eat so eat well!!!
Please take a minute to click the link & watch FOOD MATTERS video below.
Just a quickie today to let you know that after 13 days on The Master Cleanse I am now back regularly eating solid foods and none of the weight has come back. I am still doing the Lemonade drink every morning and sometimes even mid-afternoon. I am enjoying fresh salads (I mean really fresh, like just picked after morning’s dew fresh) and other raw food snacks that I so cleverly whipped up in my dehydrator. That is mainly what my body has been craving.
BTW: For those of you asking about classes. I just got my schedule down for the next two at Gourmet Gadgets and I’ll be posting the details to the class schedule tomorrow. They will both be Tuesday mornings, November 11th and 18th. One will be Beginners Juicing and one will be Raw Foods for Fall. Cost for 1 hour class is $20 and 2 hour classes are $30. This includes a tasting, (so come hungry, we feed you well) take home recipes, hands-on instructions and a wealth of information guaranteed to spice up your kitchen life a notch!
I have a video that I want everyone to watch but am having trouble posting it here. So please excuse my technical problems and simply click this link and watch it! YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU!!! Very powerful and right on…


Lots of people are still starting The Master Cleanse so if you are one of those, feel free to scroll back through my postings during my cleanse. It’s a nice reference and helps keep your eye on the prize! You will love your results!

Brighten Your Day

A rainbow umbrella can brighten any day…

Usually a rainy day can wreck my body with arthritic type pain. The Master Cleanse aleviated those pains and I am happy to say it has not come back since I am now weaning myself off. So far so good…

I bought this brightly colored umbrella to help lift my spirits on rainy days because for the past few years rain has meant painful days for me. It started in my joints and eventually ended in full body muscle aches.

We just had a rainy day and I carried my rainbow umbrella in pride, pain-free! I have done some studying on this and wil most likely stay away from nightshades.

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DAY 13 Lemon Aid Cleanse

Happy tummy…
This is my day to break my fast. I really don’t want to but I am curious to see what the other side is like. So many people are worried about gaining weight when they end their cleanse. Well, I am here to put it to the test.
I am still starting my day with my laxative tea and I have already taken my e3Live & Brain-on Drops. Here’s what is going in my dehydrator. (I started it early because it takes things a while in there, ya know?)
First: Dhrumil’s Kale Crisps. Check him out at http://www.welikeitraw.com/His site is packed full of raw goodness.
Second: I have my Pumpkin Seed Brittle inspired by Sarma’s Candied Ginger Pumpkin Seeds (she shares this site with Dhrumil. Her original recipe can be found in her sexy book Raw Food Real World, featured to the right on my Amazon Widget.
Third: Raw Falafels inspired by Matt Amsden http://www.rawvolution.com/also featured on the the right.
Yes, I Know I will have to work up to this but they are at least in the works and will be ready when I am. My body is craving the best of the best. My sense of smell has been heightened through this cleanse which is good because I believe our nose knows best!
I will keep you posted on my journey back to solid foods. Today we are driving to Tallahassee to check out the progress of their local co-op, New Leaf Market. I am going to talk with some of the volunteers there to find out about the most effective cleanses that do allow some food. I know there are a few of you that are hesitant to give up food but I will say, a lot of awareness comes from it. Otherwise, you may never get some of the food awareness you need to make those life saving changes in your meal planning.
I will be unplugged today for Columbus Day and traveling on the road but will be back for phone consults tomorrow starting at 8:30am. ~PEACE~

DAY 12 Lemon Aid Cleanse

lemon fast with Kristen Taylor

Day Twelve

Missing my old friend e3Live…

I have decided that tomorrow, day 13, will be my day of breaking this fast mostly because of a family event coming up. I am preparing for it today.

I started back taking my e3Live and Brain-On Drops this morning mainly because I can’t wait to have these little miracles back in my system. http://www.beegreenfoods.com/e3live.html I also started taking my pro-biotics as recommended in the book.

Today I had a friend telling me about doing a cleanse with e3Live. Sounds interesting… I’ll check it out and get back with you on that.

I am so glad that I have done The Master Cleanse.

I am ten pounds down and loving it. Now the goal will be to continue conscious eating so that I don’t pile on any unwanted pounds after working so hard. I will do this cleanse again after Halloween and before Thanksgiving.

I really like my flat tummy but my major area of complaint is thighs and tush. Towards the end of the cleanse I started noticing some trimming action in these areas and feel as if I had stayed on for a bit longer, I might have seen more drastic results.

I am currently doing some research on the best cleanses that will allow you to eat food because this has been the number one public complaint. When my research is done, I will post the results here for discussion.

I have been flooded with emails of success stories from this community cleanse and will have them posted in this week’s Albany Journal. I will keep up the support for those just starting and also serve those that are finished with ideas of how to stay on this healthy track.

Right now I have some raw food goodies in the dehydrator getting ready for the day when solids will pass these lips. I feel like it should be only the absolute best. We should have this expectation with everything we put into our bodies considering the power it holds.

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