Maca and Jasmine White Chocolate

jasmine maca main pic



I developed this recipe by accident when I put in too much maple sugar — yes, there is such a thing even for ME 😉 .  I needed something to balance it out and Maca was sitting right there.

jasmine maca bowl

I had infused my melted cacao butter with dried Jasmine Flowers by leaving it warm in the dehydrator all night. I also often let rose quartz sit in the butter this way, mostly during full moon and new moon nights when my creativity is most potent.

I followed Peace Ravenwood’s White Chocolate recipe. I chose the ground cashews I had shared with you all from Trader Joe’s. What a delightful time saver this was!

It was originally going to be Jasmine infused chocolates. Visions of an all white GORGEOUS chocolate danced in my head! I had tiny dried petals to put on the back! I was thrilled. It would have been totally fabulous except I slipped up and added in too much Maple Sugar.

jasmine maca paint bottles

A lot of tender loving care had already gone into this recipe so I was fully committed to not just “salvaging” it but turning it into something jaw-dropping amazing! I knew Maca was malty tasting so I added it in, little bit by little bit, and still it needed something else to help tie in the two opposing flavors. So a dash of turmeric went in also. I was in love – fully totally MOUTH GASM in love with the flavor!

jasmine maca paint molds

jasmine maca painted molds

By then, after tasting bunches of Maca to get it right to that perfect “edge”, I could feel the aphrodisiac effects and it became a full on love project.  I brought out my new chocolate paint brushes and made a yellow “paint” for the detailed tops of the chocolates. Creativity took over. My “plan” left my head and I let the cacao guide me…. I was swirling yellow into the backs and sprinkling flowers — oh, how the giddiness overtook me!

jasmine maca paint backs

jasmine maca backs flower petals


More aphrodisiac love, info & inspiration coming your way this week! Do you have a story to tell about how cacao just takes over? What happened when you abandoned a recipe and got fully in the flow? We’d love to hear form you! Share it in the forum, please, for all to see. xoxo