Kristen Taylor

Want to know how it all started?

Curious about how Kristen became so passionate about Natural foods?

Kristen Taylor, a native of Albany, Georgia, returned to the good life city from San Francisco, California, only to find it to be organically scarce.

At this time, still nursing her gluten-intolerant young son, she was determined to have access to healthy foods and make it not only possible but convenient for other Albanians concerned with a healthy life-style.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Midwife Assistant, she began speaking with clients and gathering names of those interested in starting a grass-roots group for getting organic produce here in Albany.

She was “tickled green” at the community’s response and felt her only choice was to pull together a Natural Foods Market in her hometown.

With the help from many wonderful and generous people, Kristen refers to them as The Bee Green Angels, she provided Albany with what she calls a glimpse into her own lifestyle.

Not only did she make it possible for Southwest Georgia to have access to an array of organic produce and allergen-free foods, but she then brought in the town’s first juice and raw foods bar.

With her simple and fun approach to fantastic health and ecstatic living, the store quickly became a gathering place for kindred spirits and an information station for those that yearned for more insight. It was obvious that her knowledge and raw foodie expertise were in most demand and she found herself being pulled more in that direction.

Bee Green Foods is hatched

She created Bee Green Foods, an online resource center that has definitely become THE place where you can be led joyfully step by step into the green world.

This combined with her freelance writing has enabled her to be the “stay at home mommy” for the special child that created all of this awareness for her in the first place.

She now is able to reach larger numbers of people with her writings and enjoys catering, lifestyle coaching, teaching classes and spreading the raw food love without the severe sacrifice of personal and family time.