Sparkling Grace, A Life Reboot Program

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Kristen’s “Sparkling Grace”,

A Life Reboot Program,

Will begin September 9th.

Most of the “beauty techniques” that our country spends bazillions of dollars on are basically in attempt to get our healthy bodies back; trying to look healthy when we are not. Imagine the money that would be saved if we were all taking care of our bodies, our sacred temples. Glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, bright eyes…. The beauty product industry would lose a fortune if we all woke up tomorrow madly LOVING our bodies.

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In this upcoming series, we’ll be investing in our own natural beauty, from the inside out. Loving ourselves up with foods and beauty rituals that comfort and nurture — not separate and divide. Build us up, not tear us down.

We’ll learn how certain deficiencies can drain our energy, zap our joy, and lead to chronic conditions that keep us from living the best life ever.

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Join us on this 6 week guided group transformation as we love ourselves up and release the body shaming programing that ever crept into our sacred existence.

Our bodies are incredible divine gifts, our sacred temples, our vehicle for every step we’ll take on this planet. Join us and let’s honor in such a way that allows us to HAVE OUR CAKE & EAT IT, TOO! Trust that we’ll never take your chocolate away – in fact, you’ll learn about how you can indulge in chocolate and many other favorites, just not the “dumbed down” versions. xxoo


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$99 Early Bird Price. You will start receiving course material a few days prior to September 9th (our starting day)

Reserve your spot before August 23 for this deeply discounted Early Bird Price. You’ll also be entered into our drawing to win Stacy Stower’s new book,

Eat Raw Not Cooked.

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*Lifestyle Tips & Support for Restoring our Natural Beauty & Glow

*Stepping out of the Rat Race

*Self Care ~How to Keep our Emotional  Needs from Overriding our Better Judgement

*A Peaceful Heart

*Natural Skin Care Awareness

*Food = Mood

*Reset Sugar Addictions

*Candida Cleanse Guidelines

*Benefits of Fermented Foods

*Gut Health

*Rebooting our Adrenals

*How Deficiencies may be Sabotaging your Radiant Health

*Super Easy Recipes with Demo Videos

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