Smoothie Bites

Introducing a whole new BEEutiful way to get your kiddos to literally beg you for kale, spinach, beet/dandelions greens — you name it!!

ice cream bites

It’s frrrrrreezing outside so you may be wondering why in the world I’m posting a  frozen treat like this in January. Maybe it’s just my kids but the first thing they want when the temps drop isss….. ice cream. I have no idea why. I’m all about consuming warming foods and making broths this time of year.

This new SMOOTHIE BITE thing happened by total accident anyway and I’m overjoyed that it did!

All of us kitchen witches have our own rhythm that keeps our families well fed. It’s important to have someone tending to the pantry and keeping fresh food available for growing little people. With all the demands of everyday single mama life, I can fall short quickly if I don’t pre*pre*prepare. We’ve got some major food allergies and sensitivities in our home so if I fall short, we all pretty much eat SUCK food which leads to SUCK health and SUCK behavior — like immediately.

So I pretty much run my kitchen in the same way I ran my deli. Stocking up, not wasting a single thing — and being ready for the hungry mouths to swarm me!

ice cream funnel

So this all came about as I was making our massive batch of smoothie ice cubes and I ran out of trays so I decided to put them into my pretty candy molds using a chocolate funnel tool. (Sells at craft stores for under 5 bucks) I use these as my base so I can make fast smoothies on busy school mornings. Don’t get me wrong, smoothies are the fastest breakfast as is but this keeps me from pulling out 4 or 5 different jars and clean up is a breeze! Minutes matter around here and the less I have to clean, the happier I am 😉

We came up with this idea for families that want to make smoothies with their kids but the kids got turned off when they saw certain GREEN ingredients.

ice cream smoothie

This way the kids just pop the fun ingredients that they love in with the smoothie cubes and BAM (!) you’ve got them loving it up in an instant! This also helps you control the amount of sweetener that goes in – super important!

So now that I’m using pretty molds, none of these are making it to the blender anymore. The kids now call them ice cream bites and they’re munching them like popcorn.

ice cream snowflakes

Here’s some we made with protein powder and without the greens. We had snow flurries the day we made them so my youngest one calls these snowflakes!

You can also use them as a base and make really yummy ice cream in a high speed blender. CLICK HERE for my kid’s smoothie book that’s packed with tips and recipes for smoothies, ice cream, popsicles and soooo much more.

ice cream


Learn how to make healthy Raw Chocolate that your children will LOVE.

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Simple Smoothies

No matter how advanced we all become with our kitchen skills… No matter how delicious the lengthy recipes can be… We all need to know how to get quality ingredients into our bodies F*A*S*T!

Let’s face it, life can be busy. Whether you are at home raising a family or out in the working world strengthening your career — or like me, doing both — we all need no fuss recipes for ‘on the go’. Simple, nutritious recipes are an added bonus when the kiddos will lap them up, too. Our school mornings became a breeze when I stopped cooking breakfast and instead hit a button on a blender. Viola! Breakfast in a cup! This one simple step has added at least 30 minutes or more to our morning.

Here’s a video that shows two of my favorite smoothie recipes for starting the day off right. This video is packed full tips and techniques to save time and to set yourself up for SUCCESS! It also teaches you how to camouflage leafy greens with blueberries and chocolate!! Green + Blue = Chocolaty Brown!  If you have a picky eater, calling it a chocolate milkshake might get you a better response.

Funky Monkey

1 cup almond milk

1 banana, frozen and cut into chunks

1 heaping tablespoon Almond Butter

2 tablespoons Chia Seeds, soaked

1 tablespoon Irish Moss (add more gradually)

pinch of cinnamon

pinch of sea salt

few drops of vanilla extract or ground vanilla powder

Buzz all ingredients in a blender. Serve immediately.


Chocolate Blueberry Milkshake

1 cup almond milk

handful of spinach

frozen banana

handful of blueberries

tablespoon Irish moss gel

tablespoon chia seed gel

tablespoon raw cacao powder

tablespoon of coconut nectar

dash of ground vanilla powder

pinch of pink salt

Buzz all ingredients in a blender. Serve immediately.


Here’s my video for making Raw Almond Milk to use as a nutritious base for smoothies. It also includes tips on choosing the right nut milk bag.

Irish Moss “How To” Video and Bulk Buy

chocolate fudge hearts made with irish moss

It was actually my own resistance to working with Irish Moss that served as inspiration to create this video to share with you. It sounds so silly now but for years I thought it would be difficult to work with. I had heard it was tricky and a pain and time consuming, blah… blah… blah… so out of sheer intimidation (sounds weird, eh?) I kept my little bag of moss tucked away in my pantry.

How did Irish Moss go from the back of my pantry to being one of my favorite ingredients today, you may wonder. I hosted a raw food hands-on class with Chef Elaina Love, who I lovingly refer to as the Irish Moss queen. All of my mossy issues faded away as I saw how simple — and how beneficial — this sea veg is to include in quick and easy to prepare, tasty treats.

Mostly, what you need to know is how to prepare the gel, or paste, as some call it. I like to keep this paste in my fridge for easy access to smoothies. When kept in a glass jar with a lid, it should last all week. This makes it super simple to plop a tablespoon or two into your daily smoothie.


Watch the video for more details. You’ll see how to soak the moss, how to make the gel and then I demonstrate two recipes: Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate Frozen Fudgey Hearts.

If you would love to purchase a pound or more of Irish Moss during our bulk buy sale,  please contact me by clicking HERE.  It is $16 a pound. 

For those of you that don’t know me well, we are very much a grass roots family. My videos are simple, casual and ‘real’. Often my 9 year old son is the camera man and it thrills him beyond belief to read our customers’ comments about this. (hint, hint) You’ll also see my 9 month old baby grabbing things like spoons and such. Many of you mamas and papas can relate to this, I’m sure.

We hardly ever do any editing. I don’t change clothes or fix my hair prior to recording. We film when the urge hits 🙂 This is real family time for us. If a recipe isn’t easy and ‘kid approved’, you won’t see it here. I believe in REAL FOOD FAST. If a recipe is not simple or convenient, I know the majority of people won’t do it. I share tips and tidbits on how a busy mama of two has balanced healthy, kitchen life. I hope this can save you some fuss on figuring a few things out for your own culinary peace and efficiency.