Smoothie Bites

Introducing a whole new BEEutiful way to get your kiddos to literally beg you for kale, spinach, beet/dandelions greens — you name it!!

ice cream bites

It’s frrrrrreezing outside so you may be wondering why in the world I’m posting a  frozen treat like this in January. Maybe it’s just my kids but the first thing they want when the temps drop isss….. ice cream. I have no idea why. I’m all about consuming warming foods and making broths this time of year.

This new SMOOTHIE BITE thing happened by total accident anyway and I’m overjoyed that it did!

All of us kitchen witches have our own rhythm that keeps our families well fed. It’s important to have someone tending to the pantry and keeping fresh food available for growing little people. With all the demands of everyday single mama life, I can fall short quickly if I don’t pre*pre*prepare. We’ve got some major food allergies and sensitivities in our home so if I fall short, we all pretty much eat SUCK food which leads to SUCK health and SUCK behavior — like immediately.

So I pretty much run my kitchen in the same way I ran my deli. Stocking up, not wasting a single thing — and being ready for the hungry mouths to swarm me!

ice cream funnel

So this all came about as I was making our massive batch of smoothie ice cubes and I ran out of trays so I decided to put them into my pretty candy molds using a chocolate funnel tool. (Sells at craft stores for under 5 bucks) I use these as my base so I can make fast smoothies on busy school mornings. Don’t get me wrong, smoothies are the fastest breakfast as is but this keeps me from pulling out 4 or 5 different jars and clean up is a breeze! Minutes matter around here and the less I have to clean, the happier I am 😉

We came up with this idea for families that want to make smoothies with their kids but the kids got turned off when they saw certain GREEN ingredients.

ice cream smoothie

This way the kids just pop the fun ingredients that they love in with the smoothie cubes and BAM (!) you’ve got them loving it up in an instant! This also helps you control the amount of sweetener that goes in – super important!

So now that I’m using pretty molds, none of these are making it to the blender anymore. The kids now call them ice cream bites and they’re munching them like popcorn.

ice cream snowflakes

Here’s some we made with protein powder and without the greens. We had snow flurries the day we made them so my youngest one calls these snowflakes!

You can also use them as a base and make really yummy ice cream in a high speed blender. CLICK HERE for my kid’s smoothie book that’s packed with tips and recipes for smoothies, ice cream, popsicles and soooo much more.

ice cream


Learn how to make healthy Raw Chocolate that your children will LOVE.

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Saguaro Ice Cream

If you follow David Wolfe on Facebook, you may already know about his recent Saguaro Harvest adventure just outside of Tucson. I copied it below for those that didn’t see… I sent it out to my AZ friends as a sweet reminder for those that are sweating out the 111 degree summer days there right now. There is medicine, pure ancient wisdom, in those dear saguaros. My reminder is to make time for them…. and the other treasures that sacred land holds. There’s a joke going around right now that the Devil came to visit and said it was too hot to stay 😉

I’ve been lucky enough to have many friends escaping the Sonoran Desert heat and visiting me here in these cooler mountains of Western North Carolina. And I’m happy to say, they’ve brought me saguaro treats! The ebb and flow of my “season” in Tucson revolves around the cycle of the great Saguaros – some of my my joyful moments and then again, my most pain sorrow all happened within these times. (All of which offered such opportunity for deep growth, btw) Isn’t it amazing how we can attach certain emotions with food – and also with seasons?

Here’s my recipe for Saguaro Ice Cream … INjoy


saguaro ice cream


2 frozen bananas

2 saguaro cactus fruit -yummy insides only

almond milk – just enough to blend

dash vanilla extract

dash mineral salt

Buzz in a high speed blender – inJOY immediately. Serves 2 🙂


Posted by David Wolfe:

Just back from my friend’s ranch out in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona. Spent three days picking epic amounts of Saguaro Cactus Fruit. Battled temperatures as high as 111 degrees Fahrenheit. In 3 days I picked enough superfood to survive on for 3 months. This Tohono O’odham superfruit is eaten by every creature in the Sonoran. The Saguaro is the slowest maturing fruit tree I know of. Often these trees won’t produce their first fruits for 60 years. Before the Saguaro Cactus puts out its first arm it is already 75 years of age. They can live 1,000 years and still produce fruit in their old age. This fruit is loaded with betalain antioxidants that protect from the Sun and strengthen the brain and blood. The black seeds nourish Jing and longevity and are more nutritious than chia seeds. Once the desert monsoons arrive within a couple weeks, the season will end. So glad I made it out to those shamanic realms this year.


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Irish Moss Chocolate Pudding

Kristen Taylor, Elaina LoveMy all time favorite pudding recipe is the one we made in the Bee Green Deli for years with Avocado, Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil and Cacao Powder. After my Irish Moss training with Chef Elaina Love, I have been inspired to add Irish Moss to this recipe. I love the lightness and creaminess that it adds ~ and the nutritional value and health benefits are off the charts!

chocolate fudge hearts made with irish moss





Chocolate Mousse Pudding

*Recipe inspired by Chef Elaina Love

 2  cups avocado meat

1/4 cup coconut oil 

1/2 cup Irish moss gel 

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. pink salt

1/2 cup maple syrup

Add coconut palm sugar in place of some of the maple syrup if this is too rich tasting for you

1/3 cup of: cacao powder, carob powder and lucuma powder (mixed in quantities of the ratio that you prefer)


  1. Blend all of the ingredients except the chocolaty powder mix until smooth and creamy.
  2. Add in the powdered ingredients and blend until fully mixed
  3. Pour the pudding into 4 dessert bowls.
  4. Sprinkle with fresh pomegranate pips, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

To watch my *very informal*  YouTube video on how to prepare this recipe AND how to soak and prepare the Irish Moss Gel, please click HERE:


Elaina Love’s Durian Ice Cream and More

Elaina Love’s Durian Ice Cream and More…

I just hear the word DURIAN and I get all tingly and excited. Mention DURIAN  with an Ice Cream Party and my inner child gets all giggly and bubbles over with joy…. PURE JOY.  Big thanks to Elaina Love with Pure Joy Planet for submitting this recipe.

Years ago...First time I ever opened DURIAN. An erotic experience.

Durian Ice Cream

1 1/2 cups Durian without pit

1/2 cup young coconut meat

1 tablespoons chopped green ginger root

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 6 drops vanilla essence


1. Blend until smooth 2. Freeze for 4 or more hours in a freezable container 3. Cut into cubes and share

Chocolate Ice Cream

2 1/2 medium to large avocados
2 Tbs. vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. Celtic sea salt
1/2 cup organic cocoa powder or cup carob powder
1 ¼ cups agave
1 1/2 cup purified water or coconut water (add after pureeing above ingredients)

1. Place all ingredients in food processor with S blade and homogenize until completely smooth. Flavor will vary according to the size and flavor of the avocado. You may need to add more sweetener and more cocoa powder to get the flavor to your satisfaction.

Elaina made the MOST AHHH*MAZING 100% raw vegan chocolate butterscotch rum cheesecake for my baby shower. My only regret is that I didn’t take a photo before it V-AN-I-S-H-E-D. You can see a tiny bit of it’s remains here in this photo. The lovely marbled swirls. A true masterpiece!

It was so delicious that we froze bite sized pieces and munched on it for a week after. Talk about major willpower to not gobble it all up at once. I’m going to start sweet talking her for this recipe!

I have personally seen the transformation in people that experience her CULINARY ACADEMY. Elaina’s kitchen skills, love for her planet, vibrant personality and the ability to successful teach = true success for her class participants. For a list of her upcoming classes CLICK HERE.


About Elaina:

Elaina Love is a professional Chef and Instructor, Lifestyle Counselor and Owner/Director of the raw food store and Pure Joy Planet. She authored the raw, vegan, living food recipe book Elaina’s Pure Joy Kitchen to share her favorite recipe creations, which have also been published internationally. She is the creator of the Amazing Nut Milk Bag.

Elaina has been teaching raw food courses worldwide since 1998. She is a Chef/Instructor at the renowned Living Light Culinary Arts Institute where she has been on staff since 2000. Elaina has taught classes and provided raw food meals at many raw food events and retreats, including those for David Wolfe of Nature’s First Law, Dr. Gabriel Cousens of The Tree of Life, Living Light Internationals Raw World, The International Raw Foods Festival, The Boutenko Family and many more recognized leaders in the raw food community.

With a passion for sharing the knowledge she has attained through years of experience, Elaina has helped people throughout the country bring about positive changes in their lives. Her teaching and support empowers people to lose weight and gain energy by making positive lifestyle choices and incorporating more living, raw food into their diet.