The Succulent Circuit


We will activate The Succulent Circuit on April Fools’ Day. Below is the “nutshell” explanation… complete details will be explained at our meetings and one-on-one appointments in 2012! For questions concerning our bartering circuit, please email Desiree at

Our juicy team is joyfully announcing this Rawesome way of exchanging goods/services within our participating and enthusiastic community! The word “Circuit” is to imply that we barter freely with the use of PLAY MONEY “Myriad Money”, instead of the limitation of just 1 on 1 trade.

“The Succulent Circuit” ~ monthly gatherings of vendors who choose whether to participate or not in the circuit. If participating, they set their own limit at each event of how much “myriad money” they are willing and hoping to barter for! *no commitments*

Join in as often as you like…you create your own opportunities! *Represent your own business, creative services, goods, crafts and even food! (raw food transactions are limited only to trade/myriad money if preparation is outside of regulation — please see us for details on how to get approved to sale food baked in a home kitchen)

Again, this is just the “nutshell” version. For full details and “official rules of the game,” please join us at our upcoming 2012 Meet-Up gatherings (to be announced) where we can fully discuss the ins and outs of this bartering system within our circuit parties. We also will be adding to our member directory for the first official “Succulent Circuit” event on April 1, 2012, so it will be very important to get together in the meantime so everyone is registered and ready!!


Registration coming soon….