Almond Butter Fudge Filled Medjoul Dates

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Almond Butter Fudge Filled Medjoul Dates

For the Fudge

1 cup Raw almond butter

4 T Cacao Powder

1/3 cup Cacao butter

Maple syrup or raw honey, melted

Pinch of celtic or Himalayan salt


Although I have given amounts, these are approximates as I always go with my intuitive side with quantities, feeling how each ingredient comes together with the other – even when blending you will ‘feel’ when it is right

Gently melt the cacao butter – not much required, just enough to slightly harden the fudge.

Add the ingredients to your blender and turn them over on low, just to mix them together. Pour into a bowl and set aside to firm up – in the fridge is good.

Prepare your tempered chocolate for dipping (as in your previous tutorials)

Pit 12 large Medjoul dates – or however many needed. Opening out the flesh ready to receive the fudgy goodness

Once the fudge has become firm enough to handle, scoop up enough to generously fill each date – I use my fingers to form the fudge into a shape that fits nicely, then bring the two halves of date together around the fudge, pressing gently – they will look nice and plump and yummy – resist eating them!!!

Once all your dates have enrobed the fudge, time to dip!

Ensure the dipping chocolate has reduced in temperature and begun to thicken a little.

**I usually add a little more cacao powder to chocolate I use for dipping purposes, as thicker chocolate makes a better, less drippy coating, meaning less mess.

Take your fork and place each date one at a time – no rushing, into the chocolate, covering it well, then, scoop them out, tap the fork on the side of the bowl to drain off excess chocolate, and place the dipped date on some parchment or teflex sheet if you have some.

Once each date is dipped and this coat has set, dip each one once more – this ensures you have wonderful covered dates with a lush coat of cacao.

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This dreamy delicious recipe was sent in by Peace Ravenwood. You’ll find many more of her recipes listed over in The Chocolate Temple (our recipe exchange page). She’s one of our main instructors for our upcoming 3 week program, Valentine Chocolatier eClass. Here’s a little about her fascinating journey with cacao….

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Peace Ravenwood became initiated into the Alchemy of Sacred Cacao four years ago, in Glastonbury UK when she tasted some wonderous Love Potion Number 9, from Conscious Chocolate, since then her journey with the transformational beans has taken her across the world to Bali and home again. In Bali, she spent time with Elaina Love at Pure Joy Culinary Academy, where she graduated as a Pure Raw Gourmet Chef and Detox Mentor, and spent the day at Big Tree Farms at their bamboo chocolate factory! What a fabulous time, learning even more about raw cacao.

Over the last 4 years Peace has been crafting cacao, training with guidance from the Elders and Guides by her side, and, ever the intuitive student, has learned so much from being open to what these Sacred beings have to speak to us.

As we approach 2015, Peace and her sister Chef Niki Gordon of Belly Heaven Love Food are preparing to launch their Elemental Raw Cacao and open their first Sacred Cacao Goddess Temple in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.