Happiest Cakes in the World

star cake 4 rainbow

I totally get off on providing a “wow factor” cake that everyone can eat. Raw Vegan cakes are my all time favorites, but when traveling, I don’t always have the hard-to-find ingredients on hand. There’s something “homey” feeling about baking though and these cakes of mine always get a cheery “thumbs up” without all the guilt.

I needed to accommodate requests of Gluten Free, No Refined Sugars, and No Artificial Colors for this cake.

No problemo!

The cake above was inspired by a very happy drawing my 4 year old created. We pulled in all the aspects from the rainbow high in the sky (fruit kabobs) to the fluffy clouds (homemade meringue cookies) and even the bright sunshine (orange cake inside).

meringues whole hand 1


I was going to do a blue icing for the sky but she specifically wanted purple. It got me thinking, out of all the natural colorings I’ve made over the years, blue is the most fantastic. It takes some true kitchen chemistry and a lot of people have no idea how to get a true blue icing. Kids love to do this part!! Don’t be fooled into thinking blueberries. This will give you purple.



All other colors are fairly easy, right?

Red/Pink – Strawberries or raspberries, few drops of beet juice, beet powder, pomegranate juice

Orange – paprika, carrot juice or powder, orange zest

Yellow – Bee Pollen, turmeric juice or powder

Green – Spinach juice or powder, liquid chlorophyll, parsley juice

Blue – Any purple juice (red cabbage or blueberry) with baking soda added  YES, REALLY!

Purple – Blueberry juice, blackberries, violets, purple sweet potatoes, purple carrots

violet cake

You can also use jellies and jam to tint your icing! CLICK HERE to see how I made this blackberry violet icing that is to. die. for.

There you have it! My secret is out…




Small head of red cabbage – or half of regular size, chopped

Baking Soda – or any alkaline juice

Purified Water


Put the cabbage in a pot. Add just enough water to cover the cabbage. Simmer briefly until water is purple.


Gradually add in tiny bits of baking soda until you get the color change you desire. Go easy as you’ll be changing the flavor.



Other countries have either banned or issued health warnings on food labels that contain artificial colors. The FDA here in the United States, however, has remained rather quiet on this alarming issue.

Numerous studies have established a significant link between artificial food dyes and hyperactivity in children.

In fact, most of the world has banned the use of artificial additives containing the chemical benzene (found in Red 40 and Yellow 5 and 6) as it is linked to Leukemia. It remains high on the charts as a common ingredient in processed foods in the American food industry today.

Some of these foods are quite obvious, like macaroni and cheese, but others may come as a sneaky surprise. It can naturally occur in sodas that contain a combination of Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, and either of the two preservatives: sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate.

Also, Yellow 6 and Yellow 5 have been shown to act like estrogen in the body. High levels of estrogen can contribute to many undesirable effects like decreased male sex drive and may even contribute to breast cancer.

I felt called to share these tips with you today because it is so easy to create healthy alternatives that aren’t petroleum-derived. Gag!

The bottom line here again is when we start eating outside of natural foods, we open ourselves up for all sorts of malfunctions. Think of it as putting the wrong gas in your car.

We’ll talk deeper on these topics in our upcoming program:

SPARKLING GRACE – A Life Reboot Program


sparkling grace reboot slider

Another fun cake without artificial colors or flavors!

Click here  for Recipe & How To!

star cake raspberry lemon



  1. CCK note: If you want a more vibrant reslut than is shown in the photos, you could also just use in the original base a0a few drops of food coloringa0or natural food colorings.

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