Chocolate Classes



1 for a new student and 1 for a returning student

Each is a $60+ Value consisting of 1 pound each:

Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter, Cacao Paste



Kristen Taylor has created an online space where a tribe of chocolatiers have come together to share their RAW chocolate making skills. This village-style support is unmatched anywhere else. The group consists of students at beginning levels to expert chocolatiers that have their own successful chocolate companies to suppliers that share their expert knowledge, resources and discounts.

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It started out as an “Intro & Basics” class and the students keep requesting more.  Each class runs about 3 weeks long with lessons emailed out on Wednesday and Friday — sometimes more and sometimes less. You get the curriculum content PLUS bonus content from the “contributing members”. You let us know what you want more of and we provide it! It’s such a flexible class – truly like no other.

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jasmine maca paint bottles

You then get a few weeks – until the next class begins – to hang out in the support forum and get advice and tips as you are crafting your own recipes. When there is not an “Active” class happening – the time between classes – we offer a discounted rate to come in and take the course at your own pace. You still get forum support – just a shorter time and we don’t email you out the lessons. It’s a DIY discount where you navigate the course on your own.

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Kristen even offers some phone support for those that require a little more assistance during ACTIVE class sessions. *Not applicable for the DIY discounted rate.

Join us for our upcoming class:


Begins March 11

Where we’ll highlight Tasty Fillings, Marble Slab Tempering, Raw Chocolate Cake, Edible Flowers and So Much More! 

easter class march 11


Returning Members – Discounted Rate 


First Time Students –

Includes bonus materials of previous two classes

($150 total Value)


DIY Discount Option will not be available until May.

If it’s so great then why so CHEAP??? 

There’s a few answers to that question. 

1 – Kristen’s passion is sharing healthy chocolate making skills because she feels like we all need alternatives to the junk on the STUPORmarket shelves.

2 – There’s not a lot of overhead. We’re a grassroots tribal type of class. This means we aren’t paying for expensive video crews. You get our raw knowledge plain and simple on home recording devices. Very simple.

3 – Many of our contributing members are within the group on “trade” because it fuels us up to be together with other chocolate loving devotes. We’re all learning together, from each other…. It’s a beautiful thing! Cacao Love Networking Vibes.

We’re warm & cozy not uptight or overly professional. However, you’re liable to be blown away by all the creativity & juiciness we provide! Come hang out with us and let’s make magic happen….. 







  1. Hi – if I sign up now (late!) for the Easter course, how long will I have access to the materials for please? Thanks, Su

  2. The course content is forever yours but the forum access only goes for a few more weeks.

  3. We keep getting inquiries about joining our online chocolate forum. (Maybe all the yummy choc pics are stirring up new interest) We are almost done with our third round. You can absolutely still join. The price is the same regardless of entry date because you get access to ALL three course materials. (several hundred dollar value) It’s a great bunch. We’ve got folks in there just for the support and then folks just for the lessons. It’s an “at your pace” kind of thing… But yes, you may join us at anytime. The ChocoInspiration is through the roof contagious!!

  4. Hi Susan, I just added you manually to the email list so you should see a welcome email via MailChimp. If not, please let me know asap. If you use gmail it may be in your promotions folder. In that email you’ll find a link to request to be added to the Facebook Forum where you’ll find files for direct links to all course materials. I will also *tag* you in those files so it is easy to find. WELCOME 🙂

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