Hot Chocolate Bar

hot choc bar 3

With all the holiday parties happening on these chilly nights, I wanted to share this….

Our Hot Chocolate Bar was a total hit yesterday with children and adults alike! Everyone that entered our space said how delicious it smelled.

It was a gorgeous day on the mountain. The ground was still covered in frost even late in the afternoon so hot chocolate seemed like a perfect offering!

The children started making Pine Needle Baskets with Lena while I heated and melted the chocolate in almond milk. (recipe below)

pine needle lena

hot choc pine need







Lena Eastes led us in song – Blessing the Sacred Cacao Tree

Listen in below and sing along with us…. What songs do you sing when you are grooving with chocolate alchemy?

hot choc pot

For a party of 8

12 cups of almond milk

fist size chunk of cacao paste, finely chopped

about half as much cacao butter

dash of mineral salt

dash of vanilla extra

1 cup coconut sugar

In a big pot on the stove, I heated the almond milk. Once it was warm, I added in the coconut sugar granules, cacao paste and cacao butter, vanilla extract, and mineral salt.

hot choc bar 4


For the “alchemy bar” I had various flavors of Medicine Flower Drops (Cherry was their fave!), Lucuma, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Mesquite, and a bowl of Honey – for those that loooove the taste of Honey & Chocolate together.

It is important to mix in the powdered ingredients while it’s still nice and hot so little ones will need adult assistance obviously!

PARTY NOTE: Tie a different colored piece of embroidery floss on each mug so children can keep up with their own!



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