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I am finally doing the work my soul LOVES(!) annnnndddd…… I am here to shout it from the rooftops! Occasionally, I get questions from some of my clientele – those that have been with me for nearly a DECADE now (wowzers) – asking why the sudden CHANGE in my work. I really don’t see that my focus has “changed”. I see the green lifestyle and nutrition very much still in the forefront.

My wilderness retreats all focus on healthy foods – serving it – as well as nutrition education and recipe demonstration. We even had two raw food chefs on staff. The food was incredible and…  really, it couldn’t possibly get any “greener” considering the fact that the property is an eco village with pristine spring water, compost toilets and bio-dynamic farming. Check out the photos here.

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As far as my eCourses go – take a look at SPARKLE GODDESS. (CLICK TO LISTEN TO SAMPLE AUDIO) If you look ahead on the schedule, you’ll see that weeks 3 & 4 are completely devoted to Kitchen Love! That’s 1/3 of the program dedicated to food.  As a bonus, we’ve already talked about local foods vs superfoods – plus we’ve already taught PLANT ATTUNING with our guest herbalist, Darcey Blue – just in our first week.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE! I’m always getting excited and talking about food. It’s just that now I’m not holding back on all the other passions in my life.

So my answer to this question is … I haven’t flowed away from anything… I consider it diving in deeper – much, much deeper into the WHOLE. You see, when I only taught “food classes” and did “food coaching” and “raw food classes”, I discovered a lot of my clients were yearning for so much more. Many people openly admitted to turning to such an “extreme diet” as almost a “neurosis” – and in some cases even using it as a divide from loved ones. I heard it all. People were being extremely strict on themselves. They felt like they had to be overachievers in the food prep department. They described feeling “anal and obsessive” with certain ingredients and farming methods – and, in fact, some even admitted to feeling hostility within themselves and their “new groups” of raw food friends. We’ve all seen the “vegan bashing debates” on social media.

All this was shocking to me because I was just floating along eating raw & living foods mainly for the high vibrations I got – feeling groovy about it. Raw food was like a new lease on life for me because it is so easy for me to create meals that work around both my son’s food allergies and mine. I only saw it as light and fun!

NEWSFLASH: It isn’t like this for everyone. I was watching people lose massive amounts of weight only to realize that their “fat” was a barrier from an abusive husband they were avoiding intimacy with – or their abusive eating habits started when the social gossip in the work place cafeteria was too upsetting to “swallow”. The child that didn’t want her creepy uncle finding her attractive in her swimsuit at the pool on the weekends her mom had to work; the anorexic woman that felt the raw food lifestyle was equally as extreme and self-depriving;…. I could go on with real life stories but I think you get the point…. Just to clarify – raw food isn’t the culprit – rather the means for me to have had a “ticket” into these people’s lives.

We can’t deny the numerous issues attached to people’s eating habits and lifestyle choices – whether it led them to raw food or not. That isn’t what this post is about anyway. Again, the food was my gateway into these special lives, and I realized loud and clear that their hunger was for so much more than food.  This is why I dove deeper -deeper in ways that allowed stories to be told –  fears to be shared – deeper in ways that allowed spirit to surface and tears to flow…

I now hold sacred space for people that feel called to work with me and my skill set/life experiences – space where food for our “temple” is LOVINGLY held with high regards – where voices are heard, laughter is cherished and bodies – all shapes and sizes – are adored.

I have tapped into my own heritage here on this land. You’ll see me now offering various modalities to tap into our own healing and ancient inner wisdom. Remember, I was a BIRTH assistant and energy/body worker long before I ever made the raw food discovery in my life. I also apprenticed under an herbalist ages ago; so for me this is a blossoming of everything I love and have learned all coming together for maximum healing and support. Raw food is simply the big juicy cherry on top.

If you ever find yourself doubting the “foodie focus” of my website/newsletter or wonder if I’m steering away from high vibrational, living foods, check out our recipe section HERE on this website. It is bursting with goodness. I consider it a huge part of vibrant living but it isn’t the whole enchilada. I simply couldn’t keep talking about only food when my clients were hungry for so much more.

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Sparkle Goddess eCourse schedule excerpt:

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Week 4 – What’s Eating You? Your Food = Your Mood! Valuable information from Angela Stokes Monarch (including her eBook Raw Emotions)

What’s Lurking in your Food? – Investigate FOOD TRIGGERS with Jennifer Kozek, author of “Healing Without Hurting”. You may be surprised to learn which foods may be sabotaging your energy levels and peace of mind.


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