Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

carnival squash seeds

Whether you are using seeds from pumpkins or carnival squash (my latest obsession) this recipe is super easy and incredibly delicious.  Carnival squash have smaller fatter seeds that we love best and we have an abundance of them now that we are addicted to BAKED CARNIVAL SQUASH WITH MAPLE SYRUP AND PECANS.

carnival squash seeds before washcarnival seeds colander

I make mine at the same time that I bake my squash. The squash cooks for much longer so I get it in the oven first. Then, I clean my seeds and prepare them as follows.


The amount of oil will depend on how many seeds you actually end up with. You need just enough to evenly coat all of the seeds. I like alternating between coconut oil and olive oil.


Add in mineral and toss around to coat evenly.

Transfer to a cookie sheet. Make sure they are spread out good and not clumped together.



I like using mineral salt and a pumpkin spice blend. Cinnamon and nutmeg works great, too. Sprinkle this over the seeds.


I have found that the small seeds of a carnival squash only need ten minutes at 350F. So I put them in the oven just as my squash is finishing up. Pumpkin seeds take about 5 minutes longer. Each one will need a good stir about halfway through.


The insides have a tendency to burn before the outer shells show any signs of this so it is a good idea to check your seeds a couple minutes after stirring them around a bit.

carnival squash seeds oven

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