Spirulina Popcorn ~ A Complete Protein in Every Serving!

Chef Frank Giglio's Spirulina Gomasio

Spirulina Gomasio ~ A Complete Protein in Every Spoonful!

We had our first Market MANIFESTival last weekend and it was so beautiful to see everyone participating in a barter economy and paying with colorful “Myriad” money. The Market MANIFESTival is a community created and supported event where you represent your business, goods, or services and others that are interested can either trade or ‘buy’ your goods/services with “Myriad” money. Check out the meetup page for more information on this outstanding monthly event! CLICK HERE!

One of my offerings that blew everyone away was one of the quickest foods I have ever made for an event!! It was popcorn ~ organic of course! That’s right, popcorn seasoned with nutritional yeast, Himalayan sea salt, and Frankie G’s Spirulina Gomasio!

Watching kids chow down on bright green spirulina always makes me smile.

Frankie G’s Spirulina Gomasio is such a diverse and flavorful seasoning that can be used on everything from “Raw” popcorn, salads, and veggies, to sandwiches, soups and hard-boiled eggs. Whether you are a die-hard raw foodist or one that just dabbles, trust that this product is a necessity for your spice shelf!

raw popcorn

Raw Popcorn: Drizzle olive oil on chopped cauliflower. Then, dust on Frank's Finest Spirulina Gomasio. In*joy!

Frank’s Finest Spirulina Gamasio is a twist on the Japanese condiment Gamiso which is traditionally made with toasted sesame seeds and salt. The Spirulina adds a richness and element of the sea to this blend, which is an ideal accent seasoning for seafood, lentils and bean-based soups and vegetables that are more bland in flavor like cauliflower, turnips, parsnips, and squash.

Warning – once you try Spirulina Gomasio, you’ll be hooked for life! Another healthy goodie in the mix is Hemp Hearts, a complete protein, offering a well-balanced level of Omega 6-3, and is also a source of EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids). Spirulina is also a complete protein that is loaded with trace minerals chlorophyll, and vitamins; Spirulina plays a crucial role in protecting the body from environmental toxins.

Can you picture an easier (and more delicious) way to add a little green to your diet?! You can order one (or maybe another as a gift) today on my website and start creating your own delicious dishes with Frankie G’s Spirulina Gamasio!


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Did you know that Franky’s Dessert Spice was recently featured on the Rachael Ray show? She made his fabulous dessert elixir on the show and then posted his recipe to her website. Congrats Frank!


  1. Cute idea… I absolutely love this!


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    […] twisty ties 1. Open gloves by rubbing hands together with glove in center until you can easily stuff glove. 2. Place carob almonds in bottom of each finger tip. These will be the witch's finger nails. Stuff the rest of the glove with the spirulina popcorn. Leave enough room to tie off the end of the glove. 3. Once the glove is full, tie off the end with a twisty tie or a knot. Ingredients:   ody> […]

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