Fourth of July Themed Raw Food Celebration

The Succulent Tribe RAWKed it out this weekend with a 4th of July themed potluck, celebrating our independence from UNHEALTHY food. There wasn’t even a crumb of S.A.D. food in sight (SAD = Standard American Diet). It was all jam packed full of life and vibrant nutrients. We enjoyed Raw RE-created dishes that you would expect to find at a Fourth of July Cookout.

A few of my favorite items were: Shredded BBQ, Crispy Onion Rings, Marinated Veggie Kabobs that looked fresh off the grill served over a Bed of “Sauteed Spinach”, Pasta Salad (Kelp Noodles in a creamy, Alfredo-type sauce), Seasonal Fruit Salad, Key Lime Pie… and I decided to wow the group with an extra special dessert. FOR RECIPES, CLICK HERE.

At 35 weeks+ pregnant, I don’t do much in the kitchen — other than feed my growing baby around the clock. My sweetheart, Dan Desmond aka DD, has taken over most all of the domestic duties (insert and “awweee, how sweet” here because he very much deserves it). A creative spurt came over me yesterday.

After my son and I poked all of the veggies onto skewers and placed them into the dehydrator, I had an overwhelming urge for Durian. Another great job my sweetie prides himself on is keep our food supply stocked and ready for action. To my delight we actually had pureed Durian in the freezer. After some blending and moments of tag teaming with Dan, between my marathon contractions, we invented a most delicious frosting.

We spread it on my Chocolate Mmmaca Torte (which took only minutes to blend), dipped some long stemmed cherries in Raw Chocolate (which I ALWAYS have in the freezer) and we had ourselves a culinary masterpiece with some pretty impressive ooohs and ahhhs. Our members said it is deserving of a spot in my REVISED HOLIDAY RECIPE BOOK which will be released EARLY OCTOBER.

Learn how to make the Chocolate Torte at our upcoming class. CLICK HERE!

If I sound overly proud of myself — I AM! It was a great way to dive back into ecstatic kitchen joy. Having VivaPura’s new Cashew Butter on hand helped make this frosting super fast and creamy. A huge thanks to Chris Cowen, CEO of VivaPura, for gifting us a jar at our last gathering. It is beyond yummy.

Chris also joined us for our July Succulent Potluck and generously donated samples of my two products. His brand new CASHEW BUTTER (hand cracked and stone ground) and his forever-popular SPIRULINA CRUNCHIES.  He also extended an ongoing 10% discount for Succulent Raw Members.

CLICK BANNER BELOW and at checkout enter coupon code: succulent10

Chris Cowen, VivaPura CEO, with a very pregnant, Kristen Taylor

We awarded Tai Blue, the goddess creator of Wild Sonoran Desert Mead, the jar of Cashew Butter for her fantastic Creamy Kelp Noodles and husband/wife team, Retta and Scott, took home the Spirulina Crunchies for their Shredded BBQ and Onion Rings.

They generously shared their recipes. Find them by CLICKING HERE.

As requested by Succulent new*bees, VivaPura will also be sharing some super simple recipes and tips on how to use their products for fast and easy raw food delights. RECIPES COMING SOON!

If you are in Tucson, AZ and are interested in participating in our ongoing monthly potlucks, classes and gatherings, please CLICK HERE to visit our MeetUp site with an interactive calendar with email reminders keeping YOU “in the know” on this very hip local scene.

A Living Foods Feast created by Succulent Raw Tucson Members.


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