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Creating life in this last trimester of pregnancy has not only renewed my total
faith in a HEALTHY DIET AND LIFESTYLE but it has jump started my creative juices…
When I began pulling together The Vitality Masters Series, it was in celebration of
our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY POTLUCK. Then, the experts in this field were all saying
YES and while brainstorming, we realized there was NO WAY to fit in SO MUCH FUN into one night!

I’ve already got enough guests and curriculum to cover MONTHS of our calendar…

already lined up and waiting on confirmation of dates and locations. I’ve also got loads
of goodies and freebie stuff they are sharing with us! WooHoo! I’ve already started
working on our folders for the 29th and feeling the sense of generosity of our
guests – abundance!!

Our ANNIVERSARY POTLUCK is this weekend. We’re keeping this potluck true to our
roots of high-vibe social gatherings.

For those of you that wish to get some kitchen
inspiration, we’ll be showing a recipe demo video that Chef Franky G, author of RAW
FOR ALL, made especially FOR US. He has addressed the questions our members sent in.
He’ll also address the current hot topic of sea veggies – which ones are best and
how to use them in a tasty way! We’ll also get his SMOOTHIES 101 crash course in
making the most out of your budget- conscious ingredients. He has sent los of
samples and I’ll be making a few of his recipes to tantalize our taste buds.

By the way… NOW is the time to plan your potluck dish for Sunday night. We have
been MEGA impressed by the quality items we feast on at these gatherings.

In need of recipe ideas? You’ll find loads of them on this website’s RECIPE SECTION.

We already have some dates posted. Check out the LIVE INTERACTIVE STREAM with MATT
MONARCH and ANGELA STOKES. At our June Potluck, we will have Special guest,
Rehmannia Dean Thomas, back by popular demand.

I am bursting with excitement! To see OUR CALENDAR, CLICK HERE!

*B&W photo by James Palka with Digital Visions Photography.

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