Coconut Mounds with Berry Creme Filling

I took this tasty treat to a potluck this weekend and was thrilled by the many requests that followed for the recipe and HOW  TO make it. My son and I invented the recipe together that morning.  I knew when he was eating the dough and licking the creme as fast as I could form cookies, it was safe to bet they would turn out delightful… And they did! It is Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Raw, BEEgan (since it is made with bee products).

Here’s our recipe and a quick lesson in HOW TO make them. Remember, this is kid simple and fun.

Raw Coconut Mounds Recipe

2.5 cups shredded dried coconut, all natural
1 cup raw cashews, ground into a flour consistency
1.5 cups raw almonds, ground into a flour consistency
1/2 cup local raw honey
1/3 cup Vivapura coconut creme or coconut butter
1/4 cup Cocopura – Raw, Organic, Hand-Pressed Coconut Oil
2 T vanilla extract or powdered vanilla bean
dash of mineral salt

Stir all ingredients until well mixed – no lumps and bumps. Set aside.

Berry Creme Filling

1 cup mixed berries (we used raspberries, strawberries)
1/2 banana
2 T coconut butter

Puree in a blender. No Blender? Chop smash or mash.

Assembly Instructions

Form little dough balls in the palm of your hand and poke a hole in the top with your finger. Pipe in or spoon in the berry creme filling. Close up the ball with extra dough by putting a little dough “lid” (my son named it this) loosely over the creme.

This allows it to spill out some – a little sneak peek at what’s inside. Makes a very pretty presentation.

Optional Garnish

We very lightly dusted the tops with raw cacao powder from  Vivapura – Cacao Products. I love how this simple step gives it that freshly baked, brown appearance.

No Bake, Raw Dessert

Allow to set in the refrigerator and keep them there until ready to serve. If you layer them, use wax or parchment paper to prevent sticking.

Makes 4 dozen – they get eaten quickly but keep well in freezer!


What people are saying about them:

“Kristen, your treats were SO good! Sweet, crunchy, filled with berries and love… and just the right size.” ~Lori Carroll


“Your newest dessert creation, oh my GOD! It was AMAZING! What do you call it?” ~ Hallie Lowey


  1. Very simple yet interesting recipe that people loves to eat!

    raw food and vegan

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