Hello Sexy Sparkle Day!

It’s been quite a week of Hugs, Kisses, and  Love.  Thanks to each and every person who joined us for our Valentine’s Week of LOVE.

Hope you Day is filled with Cuddly Bliss!

I want to share my Sparkle Day Natural Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe with you today.

Bring some homemade pampering raciness to your well deserving skin today.  This all natural sea salt scrub recipe can easily be made with simple ingredients from your pantry.

Embrace your sensuality as you rub and scrub your body. Be creative and add a few drops of your most desired essential oil.

Sparkle, buff, and polish your whole body and feel sexy and smooth for Cupid’s Arrows tonight.

Natural Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

  • 1 1/2 cups fine sea salt
  • 1/2 cup sweet almond or grapeseed oil
  • 3 drops essential oil

Mix together with 100 part pure pamper-love.  Use immediately.

There are many variations for this Natural Sea Salt Scrub depending on the type of essential oil you choose.

My Top 3 Favorite Essential Oils are:

–  Calm, Soothe, Relax

A very popular oil and easily obtainable, most everyone has heard of it — lovely lavender. Lavender oil brings me great joy. With it’s calming and soothing properties, this oil is an excellent addition for salt scrubs. Try also putting a few drops on a handkerchief and then secretly tucking it inside your pillow case for the sweetest dreams EVER.


Essential Oil Bergamot
– Anxiety, Healing, Stress

Known as a stimulant and anti-depressant. Bergamot oil is what I reach for when I need a energetic boost.  Derived from Bergamot Oranges (what could be more heavenly?), one sniff and my imagination runs off to Old World Europe and spicy romance novels.  I tend to think of this oil as Old World Orange.  I was introduced to Bergamot about ten years ago through hand-made products by a dear friend of mine.  Scent is strong memory maker — especially these sexy scents that you use infrequently. MMMmmm… a little dab will do ya!


Rose Essential Oil

The Valentine’s Day Classic Oil could be none other than sensual Rose!  While so many perfumeries complicate and nullify the scent of rose, a few drops of pure rose essential oil bring piles and piles scrumptious romance.  Never underestimate the power of a single fragrance. Also try adding rose oil to a spritzer-style bottle of water. Mist that beauty*full body of your when you slip into something a little more comfortable. Keep it chilled for unforgettable goosebumps… a guaranteed turn on.


Photo Credits: Love Graphic –
Lavender – TANAKA Juuyoh
Begamot –  Antares Scorpii
Rose –  sgmillionxu2000

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