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A week of Love from Bee Green Foods

A Week of LOVE

Six Tips for Making Boxed Foods Healthier

Valentine’s day is right around the corner.

Have you been dreaming of sweet treats for your sweetheart but dread any major kitchen time?

Here are a few tips for those of you that are well stocked on pre-made baking mixes. These techniques will add more nutritional value as well as pizazz  to those boring square boxes.

Not long ago we were gifted a boxed gluten-free cake mix with powdered icing. My son was super delighted because of it’s whimsical packaging.

She had purchased it from a health food store and the ingredients weren’t really healthy but not too unhealthy either.

BeeBoy and I decided to give it a go.

In order for me to feel good about serving it, I knew I had to spruce it up a bit. I thought I’d share these tips for those of you that are baby stepping their way into healthier meals, perhaps you want to use up the “boxes” in your pantry before replacing them with live food.


First of all, if you are looking for a raw vegan icing, it is a cinch to make fresh and truly is just as fast as any powdered box mix that requires adding water, milk or butter.  But a tip I have found to be true with boxed icing mixes, especially when using chocolate mixes is that avocados or coconut flesh can be substituted for the margarine. You’ll be surprised at the richness & creamy dreaminess.

If vegan isn’t your goal, try using raw butter and milk when the box calls for it.


Almond/Hemp milk can be added instead of cow’s milk.


As for the cake mix. I suggest using some form of fresh juice instead of the water it calls for. Orange juice and pineapple juice add a nice flavor and also help a gluten-free mix rise better.


I like to grind nuts down into a powder and stir into the batter so we get more nutrients that way.


If it’s a sugar free mix, Grade B maple syrup is an excellent sweetener as is a high quality agave nectar and local honey.


Wet ground flax seeds may be used in place of eggs. Be aware that this will cause denser baked goods.

Once you use up those boxed UNgoods in your pantry I’d love for you to experiment with some of our raw cake & icing recipes. You may find that the box is for the birds!

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