Foraging for Wild Desert Edibles

I am always amazed at the Tucson tidbits I learn while hanging out with Dan. It’s never a planned thing either… it’s more of a “hey, look at those, let’s pull over” kind of thing.

Our most recent adventures included my introduction to IRONWOOD PEAS and MESQUITE PODS. And boy are they oh-so-yummy!

The ironwood pods can be eaten right out of the shell, just like peanuts.

Ironwood is one of the largest and longest-lived Sonoran Desert plants, reaching 45 feet in height and persisting as long as 1,500 years.

The mesquite is the opposite. You can chew it or suck it and then spit the seeds out.

Grinding festivals are popular out here. I plan to collect a lot this season- which shouldn’t be too hard considering each tree can produce hundreds to thousands of pods each year! I can’t wait to use it in my chocolates. It will also be nice to make pancakes with.

Read here to learn what the TUCSON GREEN TIMES says about this “Tree of Life’.


  1. Great trees and photos

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