Raw Naked Progress

I stopped by to check on my newest raw food trainees the other day at Naked Food and Fitness. It is always nice to see people putting their newly learned skills into action!

I was pleased to find Cheryl delightfully hacking her way into a young thai coconut with all of her fingers still in tact.

They are now serving FRESH (yes, cracked especially for you) coconut water. Learn the benefits of these beauties here.

Naked Food and Fitness will be using the water and the yummy flesh in many recipes that will soon be posted to their menu and offered as specials.

Cheryl had the right to flaunt her “perfect onion cracker spreading” technique with edges so straight I bowed in her raw honor.

They are dehydrating these crackers below 115 degrees for over 24 hours so you can imagine how yummy it smells in that rawkin’ kitchen. Try some with Herbed Cashew Spread today! Mmmm…

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I then tasted her version of a raw chocolate truffle recipe that I shared with her and O.M.G. she did a fabulous job – and then she rolled it in coconut. Shaaaa-zaaam!

We joked about calling them Naked Balls… and got a really good belly laugh over that one!

What do you think they should call them? Email your suggestions.

These nutritionally dense little powerhouses are packed with raw cacao, spirulina and plenty more superfoods. If you’ve got a chocolate craving – or simply desire to up your bliss factor for the day – treat yourself to one of these!

I am thrilled with the quality ingredients that they are dedicated to using in this kitchen. From hemp seeds and coconut oil to raw cacao powder, no need to panic – it’s organic!

Soon I’ll be teaching them my raw taco technique that they’ll be serving with cilantro lime salsa. We’ve also got plenty more tricks up our sleeve!

I hope to see you around…

6151 E Broadway Blvd (just off Wilmot)
Tucson, AZ
Phone: 520-747-1250

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