I’ve been a busy little consultant bee here in Tucson lately and I haven’t been so fabulous about keeping up with my blog. You still love me, right? (batting eyelashes) So I’ll make it up to you by sharing a little tidbit of info that I just couldn’t keep to myself.

My most recent raw foods training has been happening at Naked Food & Fitness on Broadway. The owners, Sergio and Cheryl have created this quaint and cozy spot where you can work out with a personal trainer and/or dine in/carryout healthy and delicious food. They also welcome caterings and will take those extra steps to bedazzle your group.

Their yummi*licious menu is all set and ready to go but now they are adding my favorite foods of all time!! They have been busy learning how to crack coconuts, spread onion dough for crispy crackers and buzz soaked cashews into whipped creamy, dreamy goodness.

SOooo 0ther than telling you how fabulous they are, here’s my main purpose for blogging to you today. They have these amazing cups for ten bucks that (for a limited time only) gets you a LIFETIME of 20% off any smoothie/drink order when you bring it back in to reuse it. They are BPA free with a secure screw on lid for when those accidental tips happen.

My son said (after playing with the reusable straw) that it was reusable and reSUCKable. How totally cute! Right now you can get them at the cafe BUT very soon they’ll be for sale on the website so everyone – not just Tucson peeps – can show their NAKED PRIDE.

So if you are in the area, stop by and give them a big squeeze. I’ll be popping in and out as they grow this raw menu that Tucson has been begging for. They’ll also be stocking Gary Greenleaf’s AMAZING SUPERFOODS by Indigenous Nutrition. Yes… they’ve got it going on, my friends.

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