The Short but Sweet BUZZ on Bee Pollen

The question of the day has been, “What bee pollen are YOU using???”

The answer… VivaPura’s Jarrah Bee Pollen

I could tell you how sweet it is but I think a better testimony is that my 7 year old son eats it straight from the bag. It’s crunchy and sweet and he calls it, “bee candy”.

In response to bunches of emails and phone calls about my ‘Over dosing my family with Bee Pollen’ Facebook post (which was totally a joke but we were all thrilled with our increased energy – but that will be our last late night crunch-out on a school/work night).

I decided to QUICKLY write a few interesting tidbits on the topic for those of you that may not know just how fabulous this little dusty crunchy yellow nugget REALLY IS.

Bee Pollen is at the top of my vibrational and inspirational superfoods list. I often wonder if Mother Nature intended the pun of bee pollen containing a great source of B-complex vitamins – which is super duper important when eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) or even when eating raw vegan.

It also packs a punch with all 22 known amino acids and all 28 minerals found in the body.

Bee Pollen is a bee-utiful thing! It has been highly praised and shown to help people with:

  • increasing energy and vitality very soon after taking
  • weight loss, improving sexual function
  • correcting digestion problems
  • enhancing the immune system
  • prevent cancer and many other diseases
  • and… for you bee-uty seekers… SLOWS the aging process.

For all of you ladies that have asked about raising low blood pressure, as I am in the process of doing, there seems to be popular claim to bee pollen helping with that also.

Oh gosh, and how can I not mention its combative powers over mental fatigue.

Who couldn’t use more energy, zest and physical endurance? What a SWEET buzz.

I could go on and on about the perks of bringing bee pollen into your daily diet but I’m ready to join my lover at the pool and soak up some Vitamin D. I will say that all of this in addition to 14 beneficial fatty acids, 11 enzymes/coenzymes, an array of vitamins, and hormones – it’s also low cal!

“Among raw foods enthusiasts, it is widely considered the very best bee pollen in the world.” – Mike Adams, Natural News

I just recently visited VivaPura – more on that later – but I will say the energy and warmth will keep me coming back. They totally filled up my cup – and my water bottle!

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