Nori Crackers

I just HAD to share this with you. I was inspired by one of my all time favorite snacks — Nori Nachos!

I decided to put my favorite cracker recipe (my onion ring batter that was waiting in the fridge) on a sheet of Nori and the results were most amazing! Try it with your favorite cracker “dough” recipe.

Spread the batter thinly across the nori sheet.

Make sure you spread the batter to the complete outer edges of the sheet so it doesn’t crinkle up all weird – unless, of course, you like crinkle…. or weird 😉 Put these babies on mesh liners in the dehydrator, set at 110 degrees, for about 12 hours (depending on how moist your chosen recipe is).
After 12 or so hours, they should be partially dried out and not yet too crispy to cut. Take them out and slice them all the way through into whatever desired shape you love.

You can eat them now, as is. We certainly did. Or for a crisper cracker, return them to the dehydrate for 4 – 6 more hours. They taste fabulous and look totally cool, too! Take them outside and eat them in the sun. Yum!


  1. James Reno says:

    What delicious looking crackers. I will have to try those. I enjoy your blog and stop by often to see what inspiration I can find, and you never disappoint!

    James Reno

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