Real Food Raw WORDS

Well, the groundhog saw his shadow so it’s 6 more weeks of this lovely winter weather. I write this as I sip my favorite soup packed with curly green kale. I’m glad to be cozy warm and indoors today.

Winter is a nice time to hibernate inside and do what I enjoy most: Playing with words and playing with food. I enjoy them both real and raw. I can definitely see beauty in perfectly polished pieces, both in the culinary and literary world, but there’s a certain charm of raw and real.

Raw food has the gift of the natural vitamins and minerals that Mother Nature initially intended. It’s the essence of food. Nothing has been cooked, baked or broiled away.

I also consider raw writing to be ESSENCE. Not overly censored or picked apart. Just real and raw. Rough drafts, letters written from the heart, a doodle pad filled with random thoughts…

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  1. LOVE THESE!!! The neon blue really came out great (and came out of the bldins no problem thankfully LOL) Thank you for doing these KA! You have so much talent, it really does blow me away. Can’t wait to do it again

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