Karma Tastes Delicious

Okay, I know this post isn’t necessarily about food as much as it is about the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show and the soul shaking vibe of people that are the true gems. But… hopefully my foodie followers will also enjoy this delicious entry that has a short food and karma tale intertwined.

As many of you know, I have hardly come up for air lately since my nose has been buried in getting my most recent book finished. This, however, was one major event I could not pass up.

People travel from all over the world for this show and that within itself was shiny enough to lure me in. The people were just as amazing as the gems and minerals. True jewels, I tell ya.

The final days of the show happened to fall on Valentine’s weekend and one of the vendors were very sweetly handing out Valentine’s chocolates. It was the commercial kind that contained artificial goo — such as vanillin, an artificial vanilla flavoring made from wood pulp.

My son’s eyes got huge. He wanted one badly so he reached in, grabbed one and thanked the nice gentleman. I took in a deep breath, knowing his impulse issues and his food allergies, it was not a candy he could eat without physical and behavioral consequence.

“That was very nice manners you had,” I said praising him. “It’s not one that we can eat but you can keep it and trade it in at home for one that you CAN have.”

This didn’t go over very well. I’ll save you the drama but within minutes of him stomping off and demanding that he deserves a sweet treat, an orange fell from the over crowded orange tree above.

“Ahhh… a sweet treat,” he exclaimed putting the chocolate back in my hand. He was delighted and handled himself so well that the vendor gave him a tiny crystal in exchange for the chocolate that he couldn’t eat.

The magic continued throughout the day as he met and communicated with more vendors. He had grown men down on the floor showing him photos of their caves and rainbow covered mountains. Many of them giving him a tiny trinket to take home.

He left grinning ear to ear and warmly said to me, “Mama, today I learned the meaning of karma.”

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