We have been busy little bees traveling all over Georgia and Florida visiting organic farms with our eyes wide open! Taking notes, picking brains and bringing home all the green leafy goodness that will fit in our car!
We start breaking ground tomorrow and over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing what we have learned about bat houses, worm castings, composting and all those crucial little lovlies that will make our garden grow so sweet and luscious!
We have three families involved in this local community garden. That means six kids between all of us. We are expecting LOADS of fun and hands on education not only for these youngsters but for us as well.
The best part about it is that my new partner for Bee Green’s BRAND NEW sister company and I have decided to use this food we are growing for the food prepared in our business. How’s that for love, love, love from start to finish! We’ll have this town buzzing with good energy!
Oh and for those of you not within driving distance, shipping will soon be available!!

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