They just couldn’t help themselves!
Caught on film…

Waiting 30 minutes for chocolate to set can be very hard for little hands. Heck, it’s hard for me also!
Yesterday, I added a few new items to my chocolate maca recipe that I so dearly love. I had a chef friend in town that minced figs smaller than I’d ever seen. It was the perfect addition. Their seeds gave it a nice crunch and sweetness.
I also switched out my agave for local honey. The combination of honey and figs gave this particular batch a nice chewy texture. The kids gave it a thumbs up… and so did we adults!
I’m looking forward to sharing these and much more tips about working with raw chocolate at my upcoming class here in Albany, GA May 2nd. Spots are filling fast — reserve your seat today! Call 229-854-3863 or visit http://www.beegreenfoods.com/classes.html

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