Get your GREEN on for Earth Day


Make your mama proud!

April 22 is Earth Day and everyone is gearing up to “go green” with fuel-efficient cars and low-flow shower heads. Bravo! Remember to pat yourself on the back as you screw in those compact fluorescent light bulbs, knowing that Mother Nature is smiling at your efforts as well. 

However, don’t forget to share a bit of that green goodness with your body. The Albany Journal and The BuZz readers have been sending in their healthy fridge pictures and recipes. We’d love for you to also take a moment and snap a photo to share and take a part in our vision of a food page with delicious recipes inspired by our community.

There is power in numbers. Our carbon footprint will remain forever on our sweet planet so reduce the effects by asking a friend to join you as you stock your fridge with the environment in mind. Plant your own garden or support local farms, buy in bulk to reduce plastic and excess packaging, and see who can come up with the most creative reusable shopping bags… bolga baskets are my favorite choice!

A healthy fridge equals a healthy bod so be selective and have fun as your choices will rejuvenate your being and make yo mama proud… your earth mama, that is.

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