Flouride Conspiracy

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Ever wonder why the fluoride in toothpaste comes with a warning but fluoridated tap water does not?

The safety of fluoride consumption is a hot topic that’s under constant debate.

In fact, one doctor refers to it as a scientific and medical mistake that is systemically poisoning the public, claiming it is backed by fraudulent research.

Of course there are two sides to this and experts have often locked horns over the controversial issue of mandatory water fluoridation.

One doctor admits to being aware of the allegations of how ingested fluoride attacks the endocrine system and also creates disturbances far beyond that but says there is no proven scientific evidence. Another doctor says the evidence is plenty but the controlled media has been forced to paint a different picture for doctors that truly do care about their patients.

Claiming that the power of persuasive marketing has taken over and many physicians simply have trusted what they were taught, not taking the time to seek the information available.

luoride (F-) is a chemical compound containing fluorine that is added to 66% of US tap water and is also often applied directly to teeth to prevent decay.

Fluoride is very powerful and will kill bacteria on contact.

This is why it’s so effective when brushed on teeth. Swallowing and ingesting fluoride is a whole other story though. To further this concern, fluoride used in toothpaste is a pharmaceutical grade.

That which is used in many water supplies is reported to be from a more worrisome source.

While brushing those pearly whites tonight, take a gander at the back of your toothpaste tube and unless you are using fluoride free toothpaste, you’ll see fluoride listed as an active ingredient under drug facts.

It also carries the warning that advises consumers to seek medical help or contact the poison control center if accidentally swallowed and also to keep out of the reach of children under the age of six.

However, the only caution given with tap water with added fluoride is to refrain from giving it to infants until six months of age.

Part of the argument is that everyone has a right to choose their drug exposures and this certainly seems to fall under the category of mass medication. Many experts feel as if this is a violation of ethics.

The other part of the problem looks at it as a violation of people’s health questioning the ingestion of a toxic chemical compound on a daily basis. There is no scientifically-valid evidence proving either safety or effectiveness of ingested fluoride.

Dr. Stanley Monteith, M.D., boldly says, “Figures don’t lie but liars do the figures.” He claims that fluoride is used in everything from insecticides to anti-depressant pharmaceuticals to the building of the atomic bomb.

“Fluoride is an excellent insecticide. You spray it on insects and they die because it interferes with their whole metabolic process. It’s also a great rat poison. It kills them dead,” says Dr. Monteith. He explains that DDT was safer and that many lectures about its safety began with the speaker eating a tablespoon of it.

Is anyone willing to do that with fluoride?

He also explains how fluoride can drop your child’s IQ an estimated ten points and how rats that drank fluoride water had babies that were hyperactive. He says that it has also been linked to low sperm count and decreased sperm mobility in men.

Two women have recently spoken out about their painful stories. They were both diagnosed by an allergy specialist as having an intolerance to fluoride. They complained of swollen joints, arthritic pain and lethargy.

Dr. Monteith gives a long explanation with documentation on the history of fluoride and why he believes it was originally added to public water sources.

He explains how many chemists lost their jobs and have been threatened if they expose the real facts. His theory is unnerving but backed by shocking evidence.

Many question the role Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) played in the promotion of water fluoridation. At that time he was definitely known as the best in the PR business for the masses. His most successful accomplishment was his marketing campaign that linked smoking with independence for women – a campaign that boosted cigarette sales and opened up an entire market for the American Tobacco Company.

Bernays learned well from his Uncle Freud’s findings and knew how to use people’s deepest fears or desires to make them want they did not need. It is also said that Bernays proudly bragged about the fact that Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels was one of his biggest fans. We’re all familiar with Hitler’s statement about telling a lie over and over again. The question is has this been the case with water fluoridation and if so, why?

The theories are out there swarming like mad. If you are in great doubt, you may decide to not only spit it out but throw it out. Fluoride free toothpaste is available and reverse osmosis water filters will help remove excess fluoride. Not all bottled water will be fluoride free. The only way to know for sure is to call the company directly.

If you find this information hard to swallow (pun intended) do some research on your own about the fluoride conspiracy.

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