BLACK FRIDAY? Spend Nothing Day

I enjoy the fact my blog site is an uplifting place for folks to visit and I usually refrain from posting sad stuff. However, today is an exception. I really want everyone to check this out.

For years I have boycotted BLACK FRIDAY and have chosen not to spend a dime because I do not want to feed into the mad frenzy of consumers buying lots of things they simply do not have the money to buy at some ridiculous hour. Shopping can be an addiction for some and the financial hardship that it causes can be detrimental.

I also can’t help but think what portion of the money spent goes outside of our community and even to other countries when we are struggling. And then — even deeper — the landfills. Do we really need all this STUFF?

Please click this link to read about a Wal*Mart employee that was stampeded and killed by shoppers at 5am as he opened the doors to the big sale!!! Such a tragedy… so very sad!

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