My heart has been stolen…

…by a 1 1/2 lb Chihuahua named Poppi Seed

I just wanted to write a quickie to let you all know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth forever. This little guy has come in and gobbled all my love (and extra time) right up! Many of you already know that this pup has come with his share of problems that has left me with not only a very sick pup but sleepless nights, a heart broken little boy and a nice vet bill.
Something has happened during our every two hour nightly syringe feedings! I have fallen in love with this babe. Whether it’s my first round in the night or the last one before day light, I never tire of seeing his sweet face. He opens my heart and brings me such joy.

I promise I will be back in the kitchen soon enough, whipping up new recipes to share but for now I am too exhausted and slightly intoxicated by puppy breath!
Poppi Seed’s full story will be in this week’s Albany Journal.

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