Eating fo Beauty

My new book should arrive today!
I borrowed this book from a friend several months ago while I still had the storefront open and well… the store took over and I needed to return the book before I was finished. I have ordered my very own copy that should arrive today.
Just the name alone is enough to get excited about. It seems everyone wants to be beautiful and have a rockin‘ bod but they keep filling their plates with garbage. A huge percentage of women today pay big bucks and undergo risky anesthesia and endure lots of pain for so called “beauty” but yet they are fueling their bodies with J-U-N-K! What an un-pretty thought!
I say we fill our bodies with the food that God/Mother Nature intended and let our natural beauty shine through. Many of my clients are now asking for healthy eating tips. It’s only natural to want to eat well after a cleanse. It’s the perfect time to implement dietary changes with all they have learned about themselves and food through fasting for a minimum of ten days. That is why I have scheduled the two classes in November. You know I’ll also be keeping you posted right here on what I learn from “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe.
Here’s a quick news clip you may want to check out in the mean time
about Angela Stokes and her weigh loss journey with raw food.
Bon Appetite!

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