DAY 13 Lemon Aid Cleanse

Happy tummy…
This is my day to break my fast. I really don’t want to but I am curious to see what the other side is like. So many people are worried about gaining weight when they end their cleanse. Well, I am here to put it to the test.
I am still starting my day with my laxative tea and I have already taken my e3Live & Brain-on Drops. Here’s what is going in my dehydrator. (I started it early because it takes things a while in there, ya know?)
First: Dhrumil’s Kale Crisps. Check him out at site is packed full of raw goodness.
Second: I have my Pumpkin Seed Brittle inspired by Sarma’s Candied Ginger Pumpkin Seeds (she shares this site with Dhrumil. Her original recipe can be found in her sexy book Raw Food Real World, featured to the right on my Amazon Widget.
Third: Raw Falafels inspired by Matt Amsden featured on the the right.
Yes, I Know I will have to work up to this but they are at least in the works and will be ready when I am. My body is craving the best of the best. My sense of smell has been heightened through this cleanse which is good because I believe our nose knows best!
I will keep you posted on my journey back to solid foods. Today we are driving to Tallahassee to check out the progress of their local co-op, New Leaf Market. I am going to talk with some of the volunteers there to find out about the most effective cleanses that do allow some food. I know there are a few of you that are hesitant to give up food but I will say, a lot of awareness comes from it. Otherwise, you may never get some of the food awareness you need to make those life saving changes in your meal planning.
I will be unplugged today for Columbus Day and traveling on the road but will be back for phone consults tomorrow starting at 8:30am. ~PEACE~


  1. EssentialMama says:

    Hey Girl, are you going to be having any RAW classes soon? I would love ideas on turning those wonderful holiday comfort foods into healthy RAW versions! Especially Pumpkin Pie…hubby LOVES it and I want to try a very healthy version.

  2. Kudos, Plenty of advice.

  3. So where do you think sodium and poussaitm gets absorbed from? These are important nutrients which help regulate blood sugar and heart function. If you are backed up and arent absorbing these nutrients which are absorbed in the large intestine you can have irregular heartbeats,insomnia, etc. This is also the reason people have twitching and muscle crapping because they have a backed up colon which isnt allowing for absorption of poussaitm. Trust me, youre not offending me at all

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