DAY 11 Lemon Aid Cleanse

lemon fast with Kristen Taylor

Day Eleven

Lovely Lemons…

This is my picture from yesterday, day ten. I can see that my face slimmed down through all of this. My chipmunk cheeks are not quit as chipmun-ky! 🙂 I have been able wear some pants that had gotten snug. I finally enjoy the extra room around my tush, waist and thighs.

The dark circles under my eyes are gone. I actually had someone that practices iridology tell me that my eyes were clearing through this cleanse, meaning my liver was benefiting from all this detoxing as well.

My arthritic -type chronic pain is gone. Those of you that know me well may be the only ones aware of this but I have had chronic bone and muscle pain for over a year.

Pain so bad that I have often gotten in the bed by 6pm.

This pain was managed very well by a combination of e3Live and Mirac but I could tell if I missed a few doses.

I was terrified to give up those two supplements during this cleanse because I feared the pain would return. It never did. I am looking into why. I will delay adding nightshades back into my diet.

The book mentions that and I know people that testify to avoiding nightshades for inflammation. Hopefully it was something that easy. It’s amazing though that it had the power to cripple over a year of my life.

…Or it could be something that is gone, detoxed right away and I don’t have to worry over it anymore. That is what I am hoping for. I am going to continue on past and keep up my cleanse. It feels too good to abandon now.

I do think I have the energy now to join our local running group.

I had always wanted to but the pain kept me back. I can’t say enough about The Master Cleanse and all it has taught me about myself, my body.

We have had some amazing testimonies come through that we’ll be sharing with you in next week’s Albany Journal.

I am so proud and grateful for my town and my fellow cleansing buddies. You have kept me focused and inspired!

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