an early birthday prezzie for me

Looky what I brought home yesterday…
I just had to share the newest addition to my family with all of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Yes, I now have a Bichon Frise and a tea cup chihuahua. Oh my… YES ME, I have always had Dobbies and Chows, big tough dogs. HHHmmm
I promise it wasn’t solely because of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, although confession: we have seen it twice in the past week. My son and I are a bit obsessed. We have to have hypoallergenic dogs due to his asthma and last year we got a Bichon when he wanted a chihuahua. So this year, I folded and I am so glad I did!
He slept curled up all night in my bolga basket on our bed. He didn’t even whimper once and it was only his first night away from his mama. Our Bichon is now assuming the role of his mama and we are so happy to have him on board.
Speaking of dogs… my dog is eating up some raw kale crisps lately. She loves them. This was discovered by an accidental drop on the floor. If you’ve not tried them yet, it’s like this sweet and savory explosion that crunches in your mouth. A cinch to make!
Yesterday I experimented with making candied walnuts in my dehydrator. They are so good. They taste similar to but better than the crappy ones that come in gourmet baskets… especially when you eat them warm straight from the dehydrator. We couldn’t keep our hands out of them! They are my son’s new fav power snack now! Those of you joining us for some birthday cake will hopefully think so, too! I am sprinkling them on top. Get those taste buds ready for a party! We will ring in my big THREE-FIVE in style!

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