Here it is! As promised, I am posting the picture of my four hour carrot cake! (The one I just recently wrote about in the paper that stirred up so much interest) Yes, you read that preparation time right! It was four hours… in all fairness, this was the first raw cake I had ever made AND it was at the very start of my raw foodie interest.Now that soaking, blending, and grating are second nature to me (and cracking fresh coconuts), I bet I could soar right through this recipe. It’s actually like three

recipes combined! When I rise to this challenge, I will post the results and maybe even invite a few that are nearest and dearest to come and share. We could toast with raw frothy almond milk!

NOTE: For those of you that have never tried a raw carrot cake, my humble little photography skills don’t do much for this but it was the best tasting cake! Far better than my old baked version. This one is so fully packed with superfoods, you could eat it for breakfast!
TIP: Use any remaining dough to form into balls and serve to tots looking for a quick energy snack.
This recipe was inspired from Juliano’s RAW.

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